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2018 Finalist 
Book Fest Awards 
(non-fiction LAW) 

Advance Praise

“As a retired member of Law Enforcement, this book gave me new insight, as I reflected on the many men and women I’ve served throughout my career. Ellen’s, at times humorous approach to capturing the humanity behind bars is nothing less than brilliant, compassionate, and raw.

Using her personal experience as a backdrop, she does a terrific job of encapsulating both the vulnerability, and courage of female inmates, while emphasizing some of the lesser-known existing problems, and marginalizing that goes on in jail. It reminds us [members of Law Enforcement] how easy it is to lose sight of the actual human experience that occurs in the day-to-day lives of those living within the confines of our correctional systems.

This guide gives hope to those who are in the process, about to enter the process, or hoping to transition out of a jail environment. This book is truly a unique, and enlightening perspective for any law enforcement or civilian personnel.”

               -Nicole Kikcio, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Retired)

“You were in a situation where the police got it wrong initially, and that happens a lot. You were at least strong enough, and intelligent enough to fight it. That’s a very harrowing type of experience that you went through, and people don’t realize [that it’s] happening every day in America with hundreds, and thousands of people. It happens all the time.”

                 -Rajan Maline, Criminal Law Defense Attorney, California