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These girls are happy to be out. Find your copy of Good Girl's Guide to County Jail for the Bad Girl in Us All

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Pacific Book Review says, "Ellen Marie Francisco learned a lot about the legal system from her stint in a California county jail. Her book, Good Girl's Guide to County Jail serves as both memoir and manual, a guide for others who might ever stand in her shoes and her orange jumpsuit. The material covered here is a remarkable resource, written, the author states "to help women everywhere circumvent the entrapment of the system." Navigating the system is confusing to say the least and her tips and data will be invaluable for anyone in that perilous situation. She presents the Bill of Rights in total, since they deal with individual freedoms, and has gathered statistics supporting her belief that women are still a "minority" when it comes to the legal system. Reading the information provided by the author along with her memories of her time in...will make any sensitive reader feel pity, shock, and a healthy respect for the behaviors that keep most of us on the outside. Many of us though, have someone, male or female, who is or has been affected by the penal system, or who stands in imminent danger of becoming an "innie". All should read Good Girl's Guide to County Jail."

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Most of us feel there isn't much we can do to change the alarming rate at which people are "locked up" in the United States of America and the daily injustices millions suffer as a result. It is our hope that this book will enlighten the masses enough to help tilt the scales of justice in our direction. Real change starts from within.